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About Me

                 I’m a self-taught mathematics enthusiast who has become a researcher, author and a mathematics educator with more than three decades of teaching experience in different advanced-level curriculums around the world. The document prepared during the Covid-19 pandemic titled The Possibilities Are Infinite with a vision of converting a reader into an explorer using unconventional and nontraditional techniques with developments in mathematics over the generations was highly recommended by senior university lecturers. As a follower of my vision in the next year, I was able to generate, new integer sequences by introducing a new concept Partitioning the set of vertices of a convex polygon into a nonintersecting polygon, and up to now I was able to publish 17 new sequences on Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences which is the most prominent, largest and oldest online mathematics database referred by mathematicians and scientists in their research work.

                       As recent developments, I was able to find a Trigonometric proof of Pythagoras theorem without applying properties of similar triangles and the first ever Simultaneous single proof of the Sine Law and the Cosine Law for all three types of triangles. Since many of the leading journals of mathematics can not be freely accessible I decided to create this website so that all interested parties can find out what my contributions to mathematics, I believe that is the best way to create sense of mathematics in students’ minds which is the main requirement when it comes to the newest and the most effective teaching and learning process named as Contextual Teaching and Learning Process.

Janaka S. Rodrigo